Friday, April 18, 2008

I have my own website!!

I now have my own official actress website!!

This website is under a trial period until 2 weeks from now. At that time, the url will change to an address that includes my name. Until then, continue to use the link provided above.

Please visit the site, look at my upcoming events, read my resume, view my pictures and links and by all means, sign the guestbook and let me know what you think of the site.

Stay tuned...I've only just begun!

My new play!!

Hello my faithful fans! I am very pleased to announce that I have been casted into a new play entitled The Girl Who Cried Out Father. It is being produced and directed by Goldenchild Entertainment, led by Ronald Diltz, II.

The play takes place in the 30s in Charleston, Mississippi. It deals with a young Black servant who is raped and hides it from her lover, due to her fear for his revenge. Well, eventually, all stories must be told and what's done in the dark, must come to life.

I play the role of Naomi Jackson. I am a friend of the lead character, Abigail, who is raped. The play is being scheduled for the middle of July 2008 at Evans High School in Orlando, Fl. Tickets will be $15. This is just the first of many great projects by Ronald Diltz, II.

I hope that you will be in attendance! Below is a link to the play's commercial on YouTube.

Stay tuned...I've only just begun!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Become a principal????

I am in my 4th year of teaching. I have taught 1st and 2nd grade. Currently, I teach at a predominantly Black school. This is the first African American school that I have taught at. My previous 2 schools were predominantly White and Hispanic. Coincidentally, they were also A schools, since their inception. My school has only received Ds and Cs. It was close to making a B last year.

While everyone knows that Black and White schools are different, I don't understand why they HAVE to be. Aside from the cultural things that make us different, why can't Black school and White schools operate the same? Why can't all schools be run in an orgnized manner? Why can't announcements and due dates come in an appropriate time frame? Why do all things have to be thrown together last minute? Why do things have to be run in a second-class fashion. Why don't teacher's support extra curricular activities to support the students without it being a hassle?

These concerns that I have prompt a goal inside of me that has been suggested to me by at least 3 people in my past. Should I become a principal? As a principal, I can first-handedly address these concerns and develop strategies and plans to correct them. I can hire teachers that have a true work ethic and put in maximum effort for their students. I can hire a leadership team that runs itself professionally and punctually. I can recruit resource professionals who seek the best tools for our students' success. I think that my biggest want is for students who live in a poverty stricken area to perform just as well as those in a high income population. Poverty is a financial situation not an intellectual predeterminer.

Success is not a color nor a net worth. It is a decision.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The List

I am reading a book called Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much by Finesse Mitchell. He's a comedian. He gives a brother's take on dating for Black women, with a comedian's twist. He offers a little insight into what brothers like when meeting them, good and bad choices for first dates and so forth.

One chapter discusses having a list of things that you want in a partner. Every person who is looking for someone needs to have a list of at least 10 things that are desired in a mate. You should also know which things are negotiable and which are non-negotiable. Know what you can compromise on and what you absolutely cannot deal with.

Your list changes as you get older and mature. As a teenager, my boyfriend list consisted of:

1. Red skinned

2. Tall

3. Cute

4. Plays basketball or football

5. Has money

6. Can dance

7. Funny

8. Sweet

9. Smart

10. Dresses good

The younger/less mature you are, the more superficial your list is. All my friends knew I LOVED me some tall, red-boned guys!! Truth be told, I still do. As a 25 year old, almost 26, my list has evolved to include more mature wants. My husband list now consists of:

1. Christian*

2. Intelligent*

3. Financially secure*

4. Sense of humor*

5. Honest*

6. Considerate*

7. Communicative

8. Romantic

9. Cooks

10. Attractive/Tall

* indicates a non-negotiable

Now, first of all, the list is now entitled: My Husband. I'm getting to that age when I am looking to settle down and stop just having a boyfriend over and over again. I was talking to a friend of mine last night and she said that when when you're dating a man in these ages, you're either breaking up or getting married. That's so true. Either you and I are getting married or we're eventually breaking up. I'm not trying to be breaking up 5 more times. I am looking for a relationship that is lasting for the long haul.

At the top of my list now is Christian. He has to love the Lord and be led by his word. More specifically, he has to be in the Church of Christ. Now if when I meet a man he isn't in the COC, thats ok. But he will be put on notice that when I get married, my husband has to be in the COC. That means he has to be willing to become a member before we walk down the aisle. I wonder if I should only date in the COC, that way I don't even have to worry about trying to "convert" him into my congregation. But does that make me discriminatory against those who may not be in COC now but can be led there in time? Maybe the man for me won't initially be in the COC but will later. I don't know. For now, I just give the disclaimer from the beginning, that way there's no surprises.

Now some things aint going no where. I am going to always desire a tall and attractive man. But, now he doesn't have to be red-skinned. Matter of fact, a good number of the last string of guys that I've been interested in have been chocolate. Some have even been a little shorter than me. I'm always going to want someone who is funny. I like to joke and act silly a lot and I need a man who has a great sense of humor and isn't uptight. Romance is very much related to how much a person admires you, in my eyes. I need to know and be able to see my value to my husband. Whether its a rose on my pillow, a sweet note stuck into my purse or a bubble bath after a long day at work. We all want to feel desired and appreciated by our mates. He still has to have money but not for the superficial reason of buying me things. He needs money so that he can provide for his family and maintain his home. If he can't take care of himself, then how can he take care of anyone else? Last but not least, intelligence is never leaving my list. What do I have in common with someone who knows nothing about anything except Lil' Wayne and where to get weed in the hood? I'm not the smartest chick in the world but I do know a lil something something. I'm not only talking about book smarts but I also mean life smarts.

My new list entries are qualities that I have grown to crave as I've dated men over the years. A man who is considerate of my feelings and my needs is very important to me. Realize that sometimes decisions you make could affect me and consider me when you do things. I also need a man who can be honest with me. Be upfront about yourself and don't try to hide anything. He definitely needs to be able to communicate concerns with me. Nothing is worse than having a problem and never addressing it. It festers and before long you reach the point to where you can't take any more. In that time, you could have announced your problem and worked it out.

A man being able to cook is just a fun little item that I threw in because Lord knows I would love it if my husband could cook dinner a couple of nights out of the week as opposed to me doing it all the time. Plus, I don't know everything about cooking, myself. My husband could teach me a thing or two if he knew how to cook, himself.

If you keep your list in mind and stick to your non-negotiables, it is supposed to help make finding this person go smoother. You won't waste your time on people who don't match what you're looking for. Sometimes I stick to certain people when its clear that they either don't match my list or conflict with a non-negotiable. A lot of times I just hope that something will change. I think I do it because I'm not eager to be back out there with no prospects all over again. (I'll save being a happy single for another blog because truth be told, I'm not yet. There's a book out by T.D. Jakes called Promises From God for Single Women that I want to read. Maybe then I will learn to be.)

I'll sick and tired of the deja vu of men. I just want one that I can be with for the rest of my life.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Goals for 2008

Happy New Year!

2008 has arrived and is pregnant with opportunity. Usually, people don't hear me talk much about serious stuff like my goals. I'm mostly the comic relief. But today I begin the revealing of the things that I want and my journey to achieve them.

Goal #1

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that my biggest dream is to become a star. I've wanted to be an actress since I was 4 years old. My favorite tv show was The Cosby Show. The character who I wanted to be was Rudy (since she was the one closest to my age). I would learn the dialogue and recite them as if I were on the show, as Rudy. Once I got into high school, I joined the Drama Club. We put on 2 plays and annual talent shows. When I graduated, I wanted to make Theatre my major in college. However, the audition crept up on me and I didn't deliver a performance stellar enough to grant me admission into the program. This left me with a decision to make. I could either wait another year and audition again or choose a new major. I didn't want to wait another year and prolong my graduation, so I declared my major as Early Childhood Education. From that moment on, I allowed teaching to take the forefront in my professional life. Upon graduation in 2004, I became an elementary school teacher. My passion for acting never left but my active pursuit did. School consumed hours, days, weeks, months and years of my life. How could I want acting but not do anything to attain it?

In the past 2 years I have performed in 2 major theatrical productions. In 2006, I performed in Spike Lee's School Daze with People's Theatre, Inc. In 2007, I took the stage, in my first lead role, as Sis. Simone Ward in You Better Be Glad I'm Saved with Slaughter House Productions. The latter was a great success and we are planning to take the play on the road, pending a willing investor. Our producer has written a new play, to stem from a storyline in the current play. My character is to play a lead role in that production, as well, and that really excites me!

The truth of the matter is: I can't let it stop here. I need to continue to search out opportunities to reach the star status that I seek. Two things that I have confessed as unfulfilled goals are taking professional pictures and finding an agent. Agents and casting directors want pictures and pictures cost money. Saving money has always been a challenge for me and was the perfect scapegoat to why I have only had 1 photo shoot for my acting portfolio. Once I took those pictures I never even got them developed. Yea, I know. What's that about? Now whats the excuse? Getting headshots printed and making composite cards cost money as well. Money I never seem to have in bulk, after handling my monthly expenses. My problem and barrier had become me. The truth is that if I budgeted better, I could have the money I needed. I eat out a lot instead of cooking. Even if its something as simple as Pollo Tropical 3-4 days a week. Once that adds up over time, I am wasting a lot of money. However, budgeting will be discussed in a seperate blog.Over the past 2 days, I have made some steps in my acting journey. I went back to websites that post auditions and looked through current notices. I applied for about 3 of them. As I browsed, I noticed many that asked for mailings of headshots and resumes. I felt bummed because I didn't have hard copied to send. So, today, I ordered 100 copies of a headshot photo that I can print my resume on the back of! It isn't one of the ones I took in my shoot, though. Those photos are a little old and they aren't the best because the photographer didn't really help me to create various poses. I submitted a photo that I took myself, but it is beautiful and its as good a headshot as any photographer could have taken.

I also went onto and Star Search and created my own page! Even though these 3 things costed me some money, I decided that I needed to invest in myself to make myself some profit. When my headshots come in the mail, I am going to send them to local talent agencies in Orlando. Hopefully some of them will call me and I can finally have an agent. I will be taking more pictures and going to more auditions.

I can't be a major professional actress if I don't make big moves.

This year, my motto is "Be the star you are!"